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Indications of whistleblower: Ghosn in custody: financial scandal Renault Nissan boss


The automanager Carlos Ghosn is under a big attack: in Japan, he allegedly violated the stock market requirements, according to Nissan, the Renault Nissan boss was arrested. Ghosn can be killed in the whistleblower.


November 19, 2018, 4:38 pm
Updated 42 minutes ago

The serious charges against Nissan Renault boss Carlos Ghosn make the French-French car alliance surprisingly in a deep crisis.

Because of alleged misconduct surrounding the disclosure requirements of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, one of the top executives in the industry, at least in Japan to give up. Ghosn can also bring the shape significantly by the same huge car in overall lurching.

Japanese authorities arrested the 64-year-old, and Nissan board member Gusen plans to shoot Thursday. The appropriate Renault committee also wants to meet soon.

Gusen and another manager say they have handed over their cash withdrawals in official reports to the Japanese stock exchange, and have realized that the Gusen case is too low, Nissan said.For months, Nissan employees have followed Sorek's confidential information. Reported by the Japanese news agency Kyodo, Ghosn is said to have over five years spent a total of 5 billion yen (about 40 million euros) too little income.

The results of the internal investigation were, in addition to incorrect income data, more misinformation – including personal use of company property. Japanese law enforcement agencies were informed by Nissan that the company is cooperating fully. Renault said the council was looking for more accurate information than Ghosn and would meet soon. The French were the Alliance.

Gusen is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Japanese and Renault General Manager in France. It also leads the joint hovering alliance between the two car manufacturers involved cross-cross. Speaking of the misconduct of the Brazilian manager, Nissan plans to fire him due to Thursday's failures due to deviations, CEO Hiroto Saikawa announced at a press conference in Tokyo.

He confirmed Gusen's arrest and said that excessive concentration of power contributed to inappropriate behavior – and for years spoke of "dark sides" of Gusen's leadership. His «negative legacy» Nissan now put aside. The alliance with Renault should depend not only on one person. Saikawa apologized for the events on behalf of Nissan and expressed "strong disappointment."

Ghosn took control of 1999 – coming from Renault – chairman of the boss in Nissan to lead the debt company from the crisis.In 2005, he also came to the forefront of Renault.In Nissan Ghosn gave the role of CEO last, but remained chairman of the Board The managers.

The scandal threatens to oust a dazzling manager, whose conglomerate of Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi is adjusted. Ghosn is considered an old stroke man, who likes to present himself as a doer. He is very confident. In rounds and press conferences he controls the stage – but it can also be uncomfortable if the questions do not suit him.

Along with his death in July Fiat Chrysler boss Sergey Yu Marchionne Ghosn is considered one of the most charismatic figures in the automotive industry in general. Now he could come across what often brought him irritation and discomfort: his salary.

The amount of compensation in the past has repeatedly provided disputes with the French state, which has 15% of Renault's shares. His contract as Renault's manager was extended in February for four years – with a condition to find a suitable successor.

Today President Emmanuel Makron put pressure on the automaker in 2016 in his previous position as economic affairs minister on executive pay, and then Gusen gave concessions. Gusen also took the government's property losses into account when the contract was renewed.

If he can keep his job as director of Renault, now have to discuss sharply – even in French politics. McCron was in Brussels, too early to comment on the Rosen affair in detail. "The state, on the other hand, as a shareholder, will be very alert to the stability of the alliance and the group," he said.

The Renault share fell 15% in Paris to the lowest level in four years, and recently they were below 10% in red. In Japan, the stock market opens again at night.

With the alliance of Renault and Nissan and the Japanese manufacturer Mitsubishi Ghosn has created a huge network of companies. Last year, Allianz sold 10.6 million passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Volkswagen, the world's largest car manufacturer, sold more vehicles thanks to its heavy trucks and buses.

Renault-Nissan also works with the German Daimler Group in an alliance in which the companies share development costs for certain types of vehicles and operate a joint venture in Aguascalientes, Mexico. There, the compact cars of Mercedes-Benz brands and Nissan Infiniti brand are built.

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