Wednesday , September 28 2022

Magdeburg portrait: A priest steals 120,000 euros from the church treasury – the world


A Catholic priest reported to the state criminal police Saxony-Anhalt herself that he took 120,000 euros from the community. "I fell on the scammers on the Internet, and I was persuaded to transfer money to them several times," said the man who published the geography of Magdeburg. According to spokeswoman, 64-year-old said on Sunday church service in front of about 40 people in Ballenstedt (Harz district). The critics responded "very quietly."

According to the bishop, the man has taken money illegally from the church church since the summer. For exactly what, he remained open. Bishop Gerhard Feiga said: "There is no priest, no church worker will steal money intended for the community, will not be done properly, he must return everything and pay the consequences of the law of the state and the church."

Feiga said he had released the man from the presidency of the parish council. All the financial powers are now in the community council. Further disciplinary action can occur. As the speaker explained, the local council wants to talk on Tuesday if the man should remain in the community. So the recommendation will go to the bishop. When a decision is made, it is not clear.

The priest told the congregation, "I am very sorry that I betrayed your trust in this way." He would pay the money and repair the damage. "Our bishop will decide on the canonical consequences of my actions," he said. He asked the bishop to release him from his position as parish priest and dean of the dean of Halberstadt (district of Harz).

The district spokeswoman said the 64-year-old priest no longer runs the community of St. Paul's Ballenstedt in Hertz County. So he was not responsible for the funds. This work is the responsibility of his deputy, layman. The 64-year-old Catholic, however, is still a sacred priest. By the time he had paid the money, the diocese had invaded the financial distress. The community should be able to continue the pastoral ministry. (AP)

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