Saturday , October 23 2021

Mats Hummels at BVB – Bayern FC sick: Should not he be played?


Ill entered the game, played a little stunned – and then leave the field prematurely.

Homeless mats experienced on his return to the old work place on Saturday night to forget. First, because the Irish lost despite the strong performance of the season 2: 3 (1: 0) leaders of the league Borussia Dortmund. For another, that Hummels would not have played better.

"I have a disease today," explained the 29-year-old, explaining the reason for his replacement in the 65th minute when he replaced Nickles Sol. (All results at a glance)

As early as Friday, the central defender was "a bit" caught on health, on Saturday "so fine", as Homeless said: "I should try it in such a game then, of course, necessarily first, for the game, second, for me personally."

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The biting teeth of Homeless, however, would almost go back – for him personally for Bayern.

10 minutes: Hummels is the last man to mercilessly throw a ball to the midline. Dortmund counters, comes through Marco Rios free finishing, Manuel Neuer but married.

59 minutes Hummels again loses the ball in the center line without protection. Sancho squeezes the accelerator, Homeless does not follow me. The Englishman Paco Alcasser, Jerome Butang, but a shepherd at the last minute in between.

Nikko Kovac knew

"You saw the two scenes because my head was not there, otherwise it was in fact, it has not happened to me since 2010. So after the second time I said it did not make sense," Hummels said self-criticism. "The first two times I was lucky there was no point in getting out of it."

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Did Nikko Kovac know about his defender's health? Yes, Khamles himself answered mischievously. "The coaches knew, of course, that I was angry that I did not say in half an hour that I was leaving, everything was dull and blurred," Homels described his situation.

And what does Nico Kovac say? "He said that half of the time our doctors gave him medicine, everything was fine, so I sent him back, and if he said it would not work, I would take him half-time to take out."

Matthew visits

Curious: Nicholas Sol sat on the bench – healthy and nice because he did not play against Athens on Wednesday. Süle's replacement 20 minutes after the restart was cold. Two minutes later, the alternative Hummels acted quickly to passively against Marco Rouse, who scored 2-2 (67). Alkasser later scored the final 3-2 (73 minutes). (A table of the Bundesliga)

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SkyLothar Matthaus wrote a clear critique of the Himels: "In this game you need eleven fighters fighting and physical in perfect condition, you will have an equal replacement on the bench with Sulla, perhaps with less experience, but he is also a German national player, this decision does not necessarily understand" .

ZDFThe expert Oliver Kahn criticized Hummels for his illness after the game. "You have to ask yourself: what's going on with the players?" Said the former goalkeeper, Bayern Current Sports Studio: "As an actor, I do not have to stand by and tell you I'm sick or something, it just does not interest anyone."

What interests her anyway: before the international break Dortmund has now developed an advantage of seven points on Bayern.

Hamels, however, sees the championship struggle not yet decided, instead of drawing positively from the guest appearance in the old workplace – despite the personal use for that evening: "We have to do our work and build on the first parts of the second half for the next few weeks."

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