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Miracle Büchner in hospital: painful insight! DAS studied Danielle through the disease

How are you? Jens Buchner (49, "Brock But Sexy")? This is the question fans of "Dudi Deutschland" The immigrant has been asking for a few days. The 49-year-old is in a hospital in the Spanish city of PalmaHis health is critical, according to his wife Daniela Büchner (40). On Tuesday she directed the words to her Miracle in Instagram: "We're on your side in the nearest family circle." And she sticks to him.

Jens Büchner Sick – Daniella Büchner Pictures from the hospital

There is no news on the health of the miracle. However, Danny Büchner allows the fans of the ritual couple to know that their husband is not alone. She is not giving way to him. In her 49-year-old histogram story, she now presented a picture showing their close relationship. Her hands are placed on top of each other on the link with the gold wedding rings. Since June 2017, the couple have been married, their twins were born a year earlier. Six other children brought the two from previous partnerships.

Daniella Büchner keeps fans up to date using Instagram

If you look at the latest social media posts by Daniela Büchner, it turns out Because she is not struggling for just a few days, Then in early November she wrote sentences like "Our life can not always be filled with joy, but always full of love" and "You never know how powerful you are before your only option is to be strong."

The miracle of Büchner brings Daniela Büchner a sad realization

Jens Büchner's wife emphasizes her latest story to write not only with two hearts but also with the statement "He does not know how rich he is", A sad insight that Dani had to earn in a very difficult time in her life.

Jina-Lisa Lohfink wishes you the best. Ness Büchner rapid recovery

While Danny Büchner has released the reaction function under her recent posts, fans and friends relate to their desire for personal message retrieval and immigrant worship. Even the former jungle participant in the Star Cement camp. Jena, Lisa Lohfink (32) is among them. "My poor miracle wishes you a quick recovery," she writes to one A framed picture of the two of themShe moves with a red heart. She also wants the 49-year-old quick recovery. "If I can help somehow, let me know, I will always be there for you and your family."

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