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Miroslav Klose is likely to continue as Flick’s assistant coach

Miroslav Klose will likely continue to serve as Hansy Flick’s assistant coach in the future. In addition, the Hoffenheim coach will probably keep Bayern FC’s U19 from next season. And when will the decision be made regarding the return of Thomas Muller to the national team? News and rumors about FC Bayern can be found here.

Here you will find more news about the Munich team from the previous day.

FC Bayern: Close is probably still Flick’s assistant coach

Miroslav Klose will continue to serve as FC Bayern’s assistant coach as Hennessy Flick’s assistant next season. According to information from Sports picture This is what FCB’s internal plans look like, although the former world – class striker also has big plans as a coach and his contract is only extended until the end of the season.

The board of directors of FC Bayern has already given the green light for the extension of the contract, so a notice of completion is therefore only a matter of form. Klose is currently finishing his football teacher training course at DFB and will finish it soon, after which the 42-year-old will also be able to take a team in the top divisions in the UEFA leagues.

“Coaching training takes him a lot of time right now. But it’s planned in advance. He’s getting enough time to do his training. Of course he wants to finish well. It gives him the freedom he needs,” Dafdaf said recently about Klose’s current career plans.

The World Cup goalscorer has been working at FC Bayern since 2017. After performing representative tasks, he took over Munich’s U17 team in 2018 (49 games, 2.22 points on average) and joined the professional coaching staff last year. Along with Herman Garland and Danny Rohl, he assists Flick. Between 2007 and 2011, Klose played 150 times as a player for FCB (53 goals).

FC Bayern: Will U19 coach come from Hoffenheim?

FC Bayern are apparently getting a new coach for their U19 for the upcoming season. To Image– The information comes from Danny Raw from TSG Hoffenheim to the Bavarian capital. The 34-year-old recently trained there at the Kraichgauer U17. The former professional worked for TSG in the underground area for five years, and now the contract has expired.

Marcus Mann, head of the young academy at Hoffenheim, recently announced the farewell without calling on the future employer: “We would like to thank Danny Raw for his work and commitment and wish him all the best for the future. Due to other ideas we could not overcome it our continued collaboration will be agreed. “

Like Klose, Raw will soon finish training his football teachers. To Image-Information, this is not the only coaching role that FC Bayern play. Danny Schwartz, currently the U17 coach at FCB and also a graduate of the DFB Football Teachers Course, is set to take over the second team in the third division after successfully passing the exam.

He now maintains Holger Sights, who will once again manage the young talent center full-time. Schwartz is set to be backed by former Bayern professional Martin Demichlis, who previously provided U19 service and is also facing an examination with a UEFA Pro license.

Muller: DFB decision probably not until May

Will the powerful Thomas Müller officially return to the German national team in time for the European Championship or not? As the Image Reporting, unexpected decision coming soon.

Instead, the question should not be finally clarified until May. Nominations for the World Cup qualifiers against Iceland, Romania and northern Macedonia in March are not included. The European Championship starts in the DFB team on June 15 with the preliminary round match against France, which according to the current situation will be played in Munich.

Due to the strong performance of Muller, who has already scored 27 points after 31 competitive games at FC Bayern this season, it is still conceivable that Joachim Libya will bring back Muller, who retired in 2019. Jamal Musiala’s decision to play for DFB in the future does not matter Nothing. Both are based on a similar position.

Tony Cross recently questioned whether this is the right way to get along without three veterans after the 2018 Weak World Cup with Muller, Jerome Boateng and Mats Hummels: “I think in the end you need to plan a little bit ahead. Coach, how did he want it then, to this day “I’m wondering now,” he said sky. At the European Championships it is now a matter of “we get the best possible team for this tournament – with the strongest in shape and those who go best together”.

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