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Past, present and future Diablo (via Coutaco)

What's really going on with Diablo? What happened to Diablo 3's long-term plans? Is Immortal Diablo, developed by the Chinese company NetEase out of Blizzard, a sign that Blizzard has lowered standards or abandoned the core audience? Is there a Diablo 4 development or is Blizzard forgo future mobile phones on PC games? To answer these questions, Kotaku editors spoke with eleven former Blizzard employees who responded anonymously because they were not allowed to speak to the press. The insights provided by a very detailed interview give reason to hope that in the future not too far we can finally get to know about Diablo 4. But they also draw the image of a golfer spoiled by success for many years, which project "Titan" – hard hit fiasko made lack of confidence.

In September 2014, the message looked like a bomb: Blizzard determined after seven years of development, the project "Titan", World of Warcraft successor successor Nextgen MMO traded. According to CEO Blizzard Mike Morheimime, the team just wanted too much was too ambitious. "We had no fun and could not develop a passion for the game, so when Titan was put to the test again, we wondered if this was really the game we wanted to do and the answer was no, "Titan", from which the Overwatch crew shooter has to go out, must have devoured so much time and money that since – especially with regard to stocks The company – is overly cautious with the announcement of new projects.The cards on Titan were placed on the table by Blizzard even involuntarily, after the information leaked to the public.

The failure of "Titan" is the reason why there is no information on Diablo 4 so far – the project is probably not ready to go yet, as Kotaku learned. It has been in development for a while, but was rebooted in 2016 after the departure of the game manager Josh Mosqueira. Mosqueira and his team designed "Hades", the title work for Diablo 4, as a challenging dungeon-style dungeon in the Gothic style of Dark Souls. Instead of keeping the isometric camera angle of the first three games Diablo, he should use a third person perspective. Between 2014 and 2016, "Hadas" was the main project of the so-called 3 team, which was developed in addition to some minor repairs and updates for Diablo 3. Then the work on "Hades" was stopped prematurely – for Mosqueira finally the reason to throw the towel that previously had Was designed under the leadership of the second extension Diablo 3. The project remains, like Kanai's cube and some new areas, were then released for free in a number of repairs.

In the coming months, the team of Blizzard 3 should now do two things: DLC's development Necromancer to bridge the content gap is now looming and begin work on the Fenris project. "Fenris" is, as sources of Kotaku confirmed, the current incarnation of Diablo 4. The team of Blizzard 3 has been working on this version of the game since 2016, and some have said they are optimistic about the direction. "[Design Director] Lewis [Barriga] I have a very strong vision for this game, "said one former employee," one that many people in Blizzard expect. "" "It is almost certain that many of the decisions that the team makes today will change over time, including what platforms it should appear on, what camera angle it has, what social features are, if This MMO features like instanced dungeons getting what monetization should look like and so on.

The barbarian with bad power in our news picture symbolizes well what Diablo 4 represents at the moment: it jumped, but if and when he wrote the stars in the stars. Maybe we can know something more from the official side in the near future, so at least we can be sure that Diablo 4 will definitely come. You can read the very informative article written by Kotaku in English here.

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