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PlayStation Classic: Uses an open source PCSX ReARMed emulator as the basis; Initial reports on input delays


Sony has sent copies of the first preview of the classic PlayStation mini-console, and according to preliminary reports, it is clear that they have not developed their own emulator for the PlayStation 1 games. Instead, an open source emulator (free usable) is used. Said the emulator is PCSX ReARMed, which should be known to some PC players.

Yefaldi (video game archive) commented this through Twitter And writes that this news is not necessarily bad, but the recognition will be important because the "amateur" emulator can be as good as the "official" emulator – where Cifaldi notes that generally better hobby developments, therefore, developers (later) will receive recognition for their work, Sony officially relies on their emulator. In addition, it has been proven that emulators are not always used only for "illegal things".

he Twinkling "Using an emulator to play PS1 games is the best way to achieve this product [PlayStation Classic] to understand. And the use of open source open source to perform quality ie [von dem Open-Source-Emulator] Probably above the level of what Sony can achieve internally. It should be famous. "

Ironically, Sony's 19-year-old tried another PlayStation emulator with a lawsuit Prohibition, The claim was rejected at the time. So Sony bought the emulator and shut it up – and now Sony is using an emulator in an official product, Sipaldi emphasizes.

The Eurogamer report praised the optical copying of the original console, but criticized that there were very few options (screen saver, power saving settings, language), the graphics output is 720p, the original solution for most games is 244p. Specify the input lag – Minimal 30fps game like Ridge Type 4 Racer is much more noticeable in 60fps games like Mr. Driller or Tekken 3. These titles will feel "soap" but this will partly be due to modern screens, since current displays do not respond as old CRTs (Cathode ray) for which these games were actually developed.All in all, Sony's mini console is described as a disappointment.

The PlayStation Classic is the miniature version of the first PlayStation console and 45 percent less than the original from 1994. Each classic PlayStation package includes one HDMI cable (output: 720p and 480p) and two controllers for local multiplayer compatible games. A USB cable is included, but there is no USB adapter for the power supply. The classic Playstation will be available from December 3, 2018 and will cost € 99 in Europe. The list with 20 pre-installed games can be found here.

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