Saturday , October 16 2021

Short-term evacuation: a bomb threat against a concert of crispy fish fillet in Chemnitz

eAlong with the left punk band Fine Fish Fillet Cream in Chemnitz was interrupted on Thursday because of a bomb threat. "There was a telephone threat to the police," a police spokeswoman said Thursday night. Afterwards, about 550 spectators were asked outside.

After more than an hour, the police were able to finish their review of the Alternative Youth Center (AJZ) and the concert continued. According to the "Free Press" (online), the opening act only played when the police ordered people to leave the building.

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Only on Wednesday, after a threat, was the screening of the documentary "Wild Wild" on the fillet of fine fish in Bad Schwartau in Schleswig-Holstein.

Fine punk band Fischfilet cream is committed to the right. In October, the Bauhaus-Dessau Foundation canceled a concert of the band on the historic stage, referring to their right home. Right-wing groups were recruited in the past against the concert on social networks. Punk band is considered controversial: it was called a few years ago because of violence against police officers in the Verfassungsschutzbericht of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania.

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