Wednesday , September 29 2021

Single (RTL): Poor special rule! Production had to intervene – television

As soon as the new season of “Bachelorette” has begun, there is already a first tension behind the scenes …

Maxim Harbord (26) is the new single Mr. Right is looking for. In 2018 she participated in the “single” format for the season with Daniel Waltz (36), but it did not work out in love.

So Maxim is now dealing with her own luck: the media designer wanted to be Rosenqualirin – and won the dome. Now she wants to wrap the men around her finger. But not everyone seems enthusiastic about the concept.

BILD learned: Two candidates wanted to dump them again immediately after they moved in. Candidate rebellion!

Marcel and Loric are the names of the two guys no viewer has seen yet. Because they come – guilty of a horrible rule from RTL – only in the new third episode of the TV show.

An acquaintance retires: “The guys need to get to the photo set in Cephalonia (Greece) in a ski car. They thought they would officially move to the bachelorette villa with all the other candidates.”

What Marcel and Loric did not know according to BILD-Infos: they were just from others, the other competitors had already moved in and met Maxim. Candidate Dario even won a single date.

Candidate Dario on his one-time date

Candidate Dario on his only date Photo: TVNOW

There is also a group date with Maxim, of course - before two new candidates move in in episode 3

There’s also a team date with Maxim, of course – before two new candidates move on in a row Photo: TVNOW

Another setback for the merchants: Maxim and a pair of singles were right in the middle of a group meeting – and Marcel and Loric crashed into pits when they arrived on the island with their skis.

According to information from BILD, the production workers were then forced to persuade the two singles to continue because they allegedly knew nothing about the subject of the rowers and did not initiate. And who likes to be the last ?!

What does the RTL broadcaster say about that? A spokesman for the press: “There are always burglars in this format who do not join the group immediately. The two candidates were updated on this after their arrival. Her arrival on a jet ski was a surprise to all involved. They were pleased with their special appearance and expected to know the bachelor in this way.”

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