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Sofia Helen Details: This drama and accident had to deal with the Swede


Sophia Helen should not be shown separately for fans of Scandinavian crime productions: Since 2012, the Swedish-born actress appeared in front of the camera in the series "Bridge – Beyond Death" in the role of autistic representative Saga Noren and takes her fans with her brilliant game talents and seats. But who is hiding behind the actress, who continues beyond the borders of the country Sweden Make a career?

Sophia Helen Private: The family tragedy has imposed on her childhood

It all began on April 25, 1972 in Hobchas, a community of nearly 3,000 inhabitants in southern Sweden. But Sophia Hellen's childhood was restrained by tragedy; when Sophia Helen was only ten days old, her brother died in a car accident at the age of six. Her grandmother was also involved in the horrific accident, but survived the tragedy.

Sophia Helen sniffed the stage in school

At a young age, Sophia Helin discovered her passion for making games. As a student, the Swede, whose full name is Sophia Margarete Hellen, appeared onstage at the theater performances at her school. Although Sophia Helen decided after graduating from Lund University, the university quickly replaced the blond Swede with the Drama School. For two years Sofia Halin took part in the Stockholm drama school "Calle Flygares Teaterskola" before completing her official stage in 2001 after completing her studies at the Swedish Theater Academy.

With these roles Sophia Helen became a star in Sweden

Sophia Helen immediately demonstrated the same thing on the stage of the theater, for the artist, who was born in Taurus luck, held various roles not only at the City Theater in Stockholm, but also in the Reichstater. It should not be long before the film and the world television became aware of the up-and-coming talent as well. Back in 2002, Sophia Helin appeared in "Commissar Beck – The Last Witness" and for the first time sniff Krimiluft.

Sophia Helen became the idol of the fictional crime through the "bridge"

Ménère Sophia Helen should remain faithful throughout her successful career. The most famous was the Swede The Role of the Saga Noren in the Danish-Swedish Crime Series "Die Brücke" Since the first episode of 2012, Sophia Helen has been working as an autistic representative in the Öresund region and has built the next trustee with her parade role.

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Sophia Helen Private: Her husband and children are their great fans

Privately, the Swede, who bears a prominent scar on her face since a serious bike accident at the age of 24, has her three biggest fans close. The blond Swede found her actress Daniel Gothenna paying off her great love. With her husband Daniel Sophia Hellen has two children: Ben Osian was born in 2003, the daughter Nike followed in 2009. Together with her family, Sofia Helen took root in Stockholm.

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