Thursday , May 19 2022

Thick clouds and rain of rain in the new week


The new week begins rainy for Germany thanks to Tif "Zarmina". Again and again thick clouds rise. Temperatures vary in the meantime: between 3 and 21 degrees everything is in it.

The low "Zermina" provides rain in Germany in the coming days. This is announced by the German Weather Service. On Sunday, then, in northwest Germany, in the region, as rain raining. It was raining in the southeast. In the evening, thunderstorms start in the west. At the end of the Alps he remained dry. Maximum temperatures are between 14 and 18 degrees. On the Upper Rhine, values ​​rise to 20 degrees.

Strong gusts in the northwest

On Monday night it is cloudy in the north, west and middle of Germany. Sometimes, rain showers. It remains dry mainly in the south and east. Temperatures fall to 10 to 2 degrees in the southeast. Monday begins with dense clouds. Sometimes there is rain, in the west of the republic expect later. Cloud cover is gradually released in the south and east. It became sunny at the foot of the Alps and north of Erzgeberga. Moreover win at 12 to 21 degrees very moderate temperatures. In low mountain ranges it gets windy.

On Tuesday night it rains in the north and west and in the middle of Germany. It is the coolest in the southeast at temperatures of about three degrees. During the day, a rainy area will move from north to south-east. In the northwest you should watch with strong gusts. At higher altitudes and in the North Sea threaten storm storms. Wednesday night will be cloudy in the north and in the Alps. In some places it rains.

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