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Viruses on the bills – the chief physician of Berlin Mark Blucing: "Normal are about 3-4 colds a year"


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Cough, runny nose, sore throat: Once the summer is over, half the city sniffs. Mark Bleuching, director of the ENT Clinic at Helios Klinikum Berlin-Buch, explains why this is so, and what anyone can do to fight a common cold.

Why is there so much colds in the fall?

Because the body can not go so fast from hot weather to cold, the drop in temperature weakens the immune system. But many people still dressed in the summer. This leads to cold shock and allows the body to cool down internally. Cold viruses have an easy game. Add to this the greatest risk of infection. Anyone who has caught cool on others, the cold wave begins to roll.

ENT chief physician Mark Bloching.

ENT chief physician Mark Bloching.

Some people often suffer from cold feet. Can they cool faster?

Too cold feet do not do a cold. But who actually suffers often, easier. The skin cools, blood vessels contract. Through the autonomic nervous system, these stimuli come from the feet to the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx. Here, too, the blood vessels contract and the cycle goes down. As a result, fewer immune cells enter the lining of the membranes. Cold viruses make it easier to get stuck there.

Why do I always feel so weak and tired when I have a cold?

The body centers all its energies on the immune system and inflammation to effectively combat viruses. Therefore, the forces are missing elsewhere. In addition, it comes in an infection with cold viruses that inflame reactions and reactions in the connective tissue of the entire body. It not only makes you weak and tired, but it is also the reason that the muscles and joints can be harmful when you have heat and heat.

Should you stay in bed, even if you are not really sick and have a fever?

This is what every patient decides on his own, with cold viruses you do not necessarily have to go to sleep, you can also work quietly at your desk without any physical effort. However, if you feel weak, you should definitely stay in bed to avoid heart complications. Our body is the best indicator for it. He signals to us if he needs rest, we just have to listen to him. It also depends on the height of the heat.

When should I see a doctor with a cold?

For more severe symptoms, and if the fever lasts more than two days, you should go to the doctor. A visit to a doctor is recommended even if the bronchus and lungs are coughing, or if there is pain in the sinuses or ear. Here are threatened by another bacterial infection, which is based on viral infection, lung, sinus or middle ear infections. The doctor can tell if this danger exists and prescribe antibiotics in isolated cases.

Why do some people get a cold several times a year, and others, at most, one or not, at all?

Normal are about 3-4 colds per year, in children twice as much. However, those who can prevent the mob and also treat infected otherwise, of course, more rarely. Another major weakness is our immune system. People with a strong immune system are less at risk.

How long can cold viruses survive?

It depends on the type of virus. On bills, phones or door handle for up to two weeks. The temperature also plays a role. The colder and the lower the temperature, the longer the virus will survive. In contrast, on our skin and hands, which are usually about 34 degrees hot, viruses survive only for a shorter time.

Is it always the same viruses to blame if you catch a few times a year?

There are always other viruses. We know about 200 different cold viruses. Most of them trigger similar signs of the disease. They constantly change their structure and the nature of their terrain. This is why there is no vaccine or direct drug medication for cold viruses.

Does the flu vaccine protect me from a cold?

No, it only helps against real flu viruses and not against colds.

Why does the cold usually last seven days?

It is how long it takes the immune system to develop antibodies against viruses and fight them successfully.

What can you do to shorten the cold so it may take only three or five days?

Very important is physical protection. So do not do any strenuous activity, do not do sports, do not go to the gym or sauna. The body now needs all its strength to ward off the virus. Drink plenty and keep your body warm. Heat increases circulation and thus increases the body's protection.

What drugs are effective in order to improve faster?

It is very important drugs are darker and drops though decongestant or sprays, both during the day, but especially at night. They prevent the secretions from blocking and keep the openings to the sinuses and ear for free. At night they make sure you can breathe through your nose. Breathing through the mouth would dry and irritate the mucous membrane. You can easily use it for up to a maximum of two weeks.

Does it help to eat a lot of fruit?

A well balanced diet can have a positive effect on the immune system. This includes fresh fruit every day. It contains vitamins A, C, D and E, as well as zinc.

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