Wednesday , September 29 2021

Wall Street expected a little more stable – DAX almost does not move – BTC drops below 30,000 US dollars – Volkswagen triples shipments of electronic cars – P7S1 raises the forecast – Venobia, Deutsche Wahn, IBM in focus | Announcement

The German stock market was decided on Tuesday.

God DAX Opened up 0.67 percent and stood at 15,234.85 points, but has now had to give up some of the increase and has recently changed just above the previous year’s level. God TecDAX Entered trading at 3,577.22 units, 0.27 percent more solid and meanwhile could hold almost in the profit area.

After the fear returned in full force to the German stock market earlier this week, experts expect nervous trading on Tuesday as well. “The proliferation of the Delta version is holding back economic optimism,” Commerzbank experts told dpa-AFX. However, it seems that some investors will use the lower prices as an entry opportunity and will slowly feel their way back to the market on Tuesday.

In addition, the fear of excessive inflation remains an issue after German manufacturers’ prices rose more than expected compared to the previous month.

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On Tuesday, the European stock markets showed a slight recovery.

God EuroSTOXX 50 Rose at the beginning of trading by 0.23 percent to 3,937.40 times and managed to expand the plus further during the day.

However, Corona’s concerns remain the dominant issue in European stock markets on Tuesday. According to dpa-AFX, the experts at Commerzbank are talking about “summer blues” and point out that the highlight of the week, namely the ECB meeting, will not come only on Thursday. Until then, the plague is likely to remain the main issue.

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After falling prices earlier this week, US stock markets are expected to be somewhat solid on Tuesday.

God Dow Jones Prone to pre-trade just above the level of the previous day. God NASDAQ is complex Expect a little more obvious plus.

Concerns about the corona plague and the Delta version led investors to profitability on Monday and it was sold diligently. The growing number of impurities is leading to doubts among investors regarding the rapid economic rise. Even investors’ fear of inflation has not yet subsided.

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On the Asian stock market, losses continued on Tuesday.

The Japanese performance index fell in Tokyo Nike Until the final bell by 0.96 percent to 27,388.16 points.

In mainland China, Shanghai is complex Reduce its losses almost completely at the end of trading. In the end it left the seat with a small minus of 0.07 percent and stood at 3,536.79 units. For the Hang the sang In Hong Kong, it fell 0.84 percent to 27,259.25 points with the stock market closing.

More and more corona infections are putting the stock back in a state of fear. Investors feared that the economic recovery could be slowed down again. There were also very weak specifications from the US.

In Japan, core consumer prices rose more sharply in June than in 15 months. This was due to the sharp rise in energy prices.

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