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Windows 10 – Advertising in the Mail App "accidentally"


Windows 10: Microsoft has tested advertising in the mail application.Windows 10: Microsoft has tested advertising in the mail application.

The current Windows 10 operating system comes with a mailing application that provides many users with all the functions required to receive and send e-mails and is quite popular. However, this application is probably also the focus of many ideas in Microsoft, which are less well received by end users.

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For example, developers have changed the reading of links in e-mail messages in trial versions, so that eventually the Microsoft Edge browser opens. After the scream of the Windows Insider, this feature was removed before it could actually reach the public. It seems that the developer's last idea is to show ads in the mail app, right in the list of existing emails, and the advertisement must also be removed when the user completes a paid subscription to Office 365.

Responses from users who have suddenly discovered this feature are not exactly positive. Frank Shaw, who is responsible for communications at Microsoft, has responded since Twitter to announce that the ad has been suspended. It was an experimental feature that never had to be tested so much.

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The fact is that Microsoft did want to publish a post in the mail app, even if the test was not restricted to a limited number of users. In addition, according to The Verge, there were also frequently asked questions about this test. This was a pilot program in several countries, which instead offers no supervision. Most comments on Twitter do not go away with this accusing Microsoft of intent.

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