Thursday , August 18 2022

A robber who was hunting for vacation homes in Porto Rapti was arrested


He was arrested, in the Meridian, on November 7, in Marcopolo, Attica, by officers of the security department of the southeast Attica, in cooperation with the security department of Marcopolo-Mazugaias, a stranger to burglary from residential buildings in Porto Rapti.

As the survey showed, during which all the pre-critical evidence was used, the perpetrator and his unrecognized associates noticed, in 2012, the Puerto Rican buildings from which the occupants were absent and then broke doors and windows, their internal electrical appliances.

In some cases, in order to allow access to the interior of the houses, they did not hesitate to disconnect the outer perimeter and the bars of the houses.

It should be noted that the detainee, who worked as a gardener in the area, was easily able to search the housing for demolition, and in cases of police checks he can justify his presence.

At the end of the breakout, the aforementioned referred most of the robbery to his country of origin in order to obtain financial benefit.

Homework was found and confiscated:

  • Electronic and electronic devices
  • Number of tools
  • Air gun
  • Knives
  • Cartridges
  • So far, fifty-six cases of burglary have been identified.

The defendant was taken to the prosecution office in Athens, while the search for identification and other similar cases continued.

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