Wednesday , September 28 2022

All recordings of "Space" Keba with Siegers! (pic & vid) NBA and Charlotte Hornets


What did you do to Cooker Hooker?

The leader Hornets made his life against the Sikers, as the pot was stopped at 60 points, which is a high career for himself.

No doubt it was not exactly what he had done on the night of the Guardador.

He managed to be the first player in Charlotte's history with 60 points in the game.

He also became the second player in the league to be 1.85 or shorter and scored 60 points. The second, of course, was the great Ellen Aberson.

Finally, we are talking about the second basketball player in NBA history that manages to load the carts of Sikers with 60.00. He makes a point of the amazing Wall Street Journal.

All this for a player who does not get the recognition that he has come over the years!

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