Saturday , April 17 2021

Apple's Ginger Ive designed a ring made entirely of diamonds

RingJohnny Eve is known for his work as a computer designer and iPhones. However, Apple Chief Design Officer recently worked with industrial designer Marc Newson on something else: a diamond ring.

Unlike most diamond rings that have a metal base made of gold or silver, Ive decided to "think differently" and instead created the whole diamond ring. Instead of being sold to a jeweler, this unique ring will be sold exclusively at the Sotheby auction in December to finance funds to eliminate HIV / AIDS in eight African countries.

The ring will be built to suit the buyer. Just as its design is unique, so the construction of the ring will also be somewhat unusual.

"The diamond will be multi-faceted with a few thousand faces, some of which are so small that they will be several hundred microns in diameter." The inner ring will roll out to get the desired smoothness, using a jet of water with a micrometer thickness inside which there is a laser beam, Sotheby's sales. "The final design of the ring will be between 2000-3000 sides, which has never been before one piece."

The tender will be held on December 5 in Miami. The ring is expected to be sold for $ 150-150,000.

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