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Assaults and arrests in anarchy after the episodes – Newsbeast


Peace is now in the polytechnic area, after many hours Chapters Which occurred in the evening between the hood and the police.

However, according to the police, people remain inside Technical University Up to now.

According to the Athens news agency, twenty-two people were attacked by police during the chapters, of which 13 were arrested and taken to the prosecutor. Later, six people were arrested, with the total number of detainees increased to 19.


The episodes began after 19:00, when the hoods began to fly Molotov cocktails and anti-police stones, which responded with chemical malfunctions and glittering gestures, and as a result, in many places the situation was suffocating.

The youths erected roadblocks in their streets Ex files, While the Polytechnic underground launched Molotov towards the police forces.

The "invasion war" lasted several hours when the police recruited AVRA water pump To repel the hoods and extinguish the flames on parts of the Molotov pavement.

They burned the Greek flag

The Greek flag Burned hood during Chapters In anarchy.

"Hit me, hit me"

The Alfa reporter, George Gargoriadis, was hit by direct gunfire while being broadcast live from anarchy, between the young sections and the forces Matt.

As he was later known, the journalist is good for his health.

Power outside the West Bank

The intensity prevailed earlier GADA With men and flying hoods Molotov And stones. According to Alpha reports, the operations were people who left the professions for the Polytechnic Day and went to the Exarchy.

Chapters in Thessaloniki

However, in Thessaloniki, Groups of hoods erected barriers, Burning plastic bins, tables and tables that looked as if they had previously moved to Agentia from the Polytechnic School, which served as a "base station" to fire dozens of Molotov cocktails, fireworks, fireworks, stones and other objects against the mats, North of the TIF and within the exhibition center.

The police responded with chemicals and flash to lead them to retreat. The atmosphere grew dim as the fugitive war lasted more than two hours. A few dozen meters to the west, a construction site on the Metro went up in flames and a firefighter came to the point of fire.

The police proceeded to register and checked their participation in the chapters.

Molotov in Peters

The 45th anniversary of the Polytechnic Revolt won Peters this year in two separate meetings and marches, while small episodes took place in the city center, and as a result the police continued to make five additions.

In particular, according to the Athens news agency, the first meeting was held in the National Resistance Square organized by student and student clubs, the Labor Center, the Peace Committee of Peters and other institutions, and the municipality of Petra was involved.

After the speeches he started a course on the main streets of the city, which passed through the monument of Nikos Tebnonera and reached the square of Georgiou.

The second meeting took place outside the former university branch on Corinth Street, where student clubs, clubs, parties, organizations, etc.

He then began a course in the center of Patras, which is headed by the monument of Nikos Temondera. When the road reached the intersection of Corinth and Agios Nicolaus, hoods launched Molotov cocktails and fireworks to the police, who responded with glittering movements.

Then came hoods to the Agia Sophia area, while the police attacked five people in the police headquarters building.

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