Thursday , October 21 2021

Athens marathon: a shocking story of a 14-year-old who spent 42 km with a wheelchair!


About five hours after the start of the 36th marathon, a group of young people enters Climeramo. A few meters before the end they stop. One of the group's members, Marianna Agustaki, 14, who was born with motor problems, is tied to the wheelchair.

Her cousins, her friends, all the former swimmers and the club of the Rethymnon Navy Club, who married her at 42 kilometers from the marathon, picked her up from the walk and took the last steps, applauding, calling her name and calling her strength. It's stronger than anyone else: journalist Dimitris Marcus, who described the marathon game, records on the cell phone the shocking pictures.

Marianne Abiogastaki was one of at least six people who participated in the 36th Athens marathon. Her entrance number was 5577 and her blouse was marked by a butterfly, an owl and a writing pen. She was a pupil of the elementary school when Mariana was awarded the category of literary legend for children on her text "School of Our Dreams". Sunday night realized another dream. To run in the marathon, as she had expressed a few years ago to see her brother and cousins ​​running. That's why she was very happy at first.

On the way, Maryna sang songs and participated in slogans with her friends. "We did not paint Mariana all the way," she said, "she continued," he told us songs like "Karotseri, Karotseri," says his cousin Asumankis, Olive branch.

Preparation began only three weeks ago, when Mariana received a special wheelchair worth 4,500 euros, which was a contribution to the bank. "We were able to do only four or five meetings that did not exceed one and a half hours, so I asked Mariana if she thought we could do it, because another thing is one-hour training and the other five hours of the race." I put my body down, After the battle, she told her father that she was sad that she was tired of us, but when we saw her laughing and enjoying her end, we felt the absolute sense of happiness, "says her cousin.

Marianne, her brother, Marcus Abiogastakis, was waiting for the end. Two months ago she was put on her knees because of the meniscus problem and she was struggling to prevent his sister from being dealt with. At the 15th kilometer of the marathon he had to leave. There, their father, Haris Avigustakis, was excited with joy and pride.

The marathon was not the first "fight" that Mariana gave. She wins from the very first moment that she opened her eyes prematurely. When she was born, she could not close six months in her mother's stomach. Immediately the doctors put the baby in the incubator and, despite the horrific predictions, it survived. But he could not grow. Doctors were diagnosed in spastic patients involved, 90% disability. Throughout her life, Marianna does physical treatments and reads. Last year he graduated with a grade of 18.4. "He gave us a lot of life lessons from the day he was born," says Haris' father, Avgostakis.

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