Monday , October 25 2021

Black Friday tells the public and this year you have control over you!



Worried about TV, mobile, console, laptop, tablet and many other products? Black Friday is approaching … and everything leads to the public! Target No1-Technology and entertainment and the company that brought him Black Friday In Greece in 2016, returns for 3H Change and invite you to take over!

This year, public Puts the power of impatient consumers, causing them to ask what they want in black Friday prices! For the first time in Greece and only publicly on the dedicated platform, consumers can enter, declare what they want in black Friday prices and the way prices will go down!

Length 16 meters, weight 38 tons, 85 cubic meters capacity The public of the Tara truck And has a task to collect all the suggestions Because you want on this black Friday!

If you belong to the impatient, take the driver seat and do the suggestions that will fill up Terra Truck Of the public.

Do you expect black Friday prices on your favorite products? What are you waiting for? Ask it! For, say what you want on Black Friday and be one of the lucky winners of 40 public vouchers worth € 100!

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