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Blunt: Let's take Durand if worries – Olympiacos leave him


"Today someone asked me about an actor I do not know! I know the market and the players. This actor, on the other hand, did not know him. The rumors and expectations of the media are bigger than mine. This is the market. You can not control it. There are those who offer someone and this is news. I'll tell you something. If Kevin Durand leaves the Golden State, if Waror leaves him, we'll take him. I'm completely honest, if she leaves, we'll take it. But it will not happen, that's the truth"He remarked humorously to the American-Israeli technician.

In detail, the words of David Blatt:

"A week with two games at EuroLeague is always an exciting challenge. This is a very interesting series of games, we played with Fenerbahce, Panathinaikos and Bayern. Now we have Real. So we signed the team and the Olympiacos players. This is a tough game and we believe it will become a quality match. We look forward to playing in front of fans. They will help us with their passion and will give us momentum for victory.

In Munich it will be a battle. We had a few problems at first in the attack, but we knew that with a good defense we would have an advantage. It was not easy because of the circumstances of this game. We came from hard struggles. We had a hard game with Panathinaikos. We had to find the way to win and that we did. The fans helped us. They gave us an incentive. Their numbers were large. They came to the hachshara and showed that there was a family atmosphere.

As I said before, I was not worried about the defeats, nor am I so happy about the victories. That's it, you have to look in the future.

We're still in November. We are a group of new and experienced players who play for the first time together. We want to be healthy. The program will change and the status will be canceled. The program compared to other groups was much more difficult. We'll see how things go. We must continue to work to reach the level we want.

Tuapan did not fight. He was also absent from Strelnica, who saw how much he was helping us and how much he was. The plan is difficult. Real has 15 quality players. If you miss two of a fight, it's not that overwhelming. But we are preparing to deal with a very large group.

At John Sparpolos I wish the best. I love Olympiacos, but Maccabi is one of my favorite teams. I hope they succeed. It is a difficult time for the team and for him a great challenge, but he is a very good coach and I wish him the best"He said.

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