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Christos Marcogianakis in Hania with another party


Christos Marcogianakis in Hania with another party

He was elected in the Chania elections, with a party other than ND Christos Markogiannakis, pointing to Kyriakos Mitsutkis.

"Because the president of ND took me out of the voting campaigns under the guise of renewal and in the meantime he's getting bigger than me, I'll be an independent MP of Chania who is collaborating with another party, from KINAL to Vventis, not with the Golden Dawn or KKE. In order not to endanger the first Hananiah that if I went I was definitely mine " He said, talking on the radio.

According to information from the Newtonian, in recent days contacts have been taking place with the movement of change, but this is not because the party has said that there is no cooperation with the former minister.

According to him, the prospect of the election decline was also presented to him through the vote of the Association of Centers.

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