Wednesday , September 28 2022

Does a "love liar" come up with another hero? – What Apostolia unveiled (video)


Marcus Sperlis will not go to the stage of the Palace Theater as a hero in a beloved play, but it seems that someone else will go to his place! The news "Bomb" met the Apostle Zoe in the broadcast of Natalia Giorno, Sunday afternoon.

The famous singer is among the protagonists of this show Natalia said:Do not be sure the play will not take place. They got me yesterday from the production and they told me – maybe the players do not know it – that within two days they will tell us if the show will take place. 90% closed a new hero and simply because they have to finish the process with signatures, they have not yet announced it. Apparently the show will eventually become. Bring me a phone and tell me that last night that they are serious people, there is no chance of saying it arbitrarily. So say 100%, 95% will be made"He said.

Raises the favorite life in the Palace with another hero instead of Mark Sperley!

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