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Greece – Finland 1-0: defeated the debut of Anastasiades but did not reach – United Nations League


Grenoblet's 25th home game was the only one in the race, with Ethnicki with a positive presence, but he wanted something more to get a bigger result and hope for the last thing.

Odysseus and Ahudmus made his first appearance at the goal goal and held it at zero, even Cotrice took a basic jersey, while Ceos played instead of Manola, who retired 28 due to injury.

Now, Ethniki will play with Estonia to win and reach 12 points in its league league, looking at the Euro2020 coaches starting in March 2019. It keeps the charges progressive …

These are the four things we learned from Greece – Finland:

1. Same recipe in DEPUTO to ANASTASIADIS

Los Anastsyadis did not want to change so many things in the group so early and preferred to go … definitely in his first presence on the bench. He then took the team at 4-2-3-1 as his predecessor, Michael Schiebe, with two major changes, one on the left and the left. Vlahodemos made his first appearance with a national symbol, winning the battle from Barka and Paschalakis, while Koutris covered the left edge of the defense. Torosidis favored the right, with the rest of the positions covered by players who probably would have used the original figure we made. The 65 year old coach stays only a few days to make so many changes and he does not want to confuse the team in such a crucial game that he wins with at least two goals difference to hope in the first place.

2. "Approved" from our right or our national

With … good morning of the game (2 & 2), our Israeli team had an opportunity to open the score. Mantalus crossed the right, Felka let the ball pass, she reached Mitrugello, who tried the injection in the area and slightly to the right, but he finished the home of Harnski. Our international entered the race to get to the driver's seat early. On the 9th of the month, Pokey missed an opportunity to draw, when he left from a regular position on the right, Zecca could not reach him, the striker of Norwich had a square tail with Vlahodemod, but opened the control and her goalkeeper Benfica was blocked.

The goal reached our representative team on 25 and again in an attempt by the right. Torosidis did well, Flex grabbed his head from a good position, the reaction changed, but Arnold tried to move the ball, sending it to his team's nets. She was not ahead of the score of 1-0 and relied on her hopes for the result she had taken. Indeed, he was also lucky in the 30th stage, with Toumominen … able to hit right from the penalty point.

3. Repeats Silwa, Manula's accident

After 28 minutes, Cebuas took the place of Menola, who was unable to a header with 22 minutes gone. The defender of Rome tried to continue, but did not do it, and the center of the valley of the Ghana entered the game, returning blue and white after March 2016 and friendly with Iceland in Faliro (2-3). For more than 2.5 years he was out of the conversation, Anastasiades called him again and fought, making his 13th appearance with a national symbol. As for the Manola, it remains to be seen the size of the injury and if he can play on Sunday (18/11) with Estonia. However, logic means it does not play, whether it's good or not, so as not to burden it.

4. Utilize the other golf, but do not break away

In the second half, Ethniki did not threaten the Finns. In fact, Tuomiens missed a great opportunity to bring the game straight 51, but the shot with the left from a good place will eventually be out. The federal coach put Koulouri in 1969 instead of the Mitroglou to refresh the attack, while in 1984, They passed the Bacastas instead of Folka. The blue whites have mostly tried from the right side with Torosidis to create conditions for purposes but not reach the goal. A classic opportunity to score did not exist, and this fate remains 1-0 to the end, which holds us in second position in the last game, after defeating 2-0 in Tampere. From one point on, the first pins wanted to keep their backs, for the defeat was not … a bad result for them. At the end they celebrated that they were the first and continue to League Nations.

The identity of the game:

judge: Luca Bundy

Assistants: Mauro Toulon Alberto Tagoni

Fourth: Alessandro Lou Cicero

More details: Paulo Valerie, Michelle Fabry

Greece (Anastasidis): Vlachodimos, Torosidis, Manolase (reasons 28), Papastathopoulos, Koutris, Zecca, Kourbelis, Fortouni, Pellas (84 Bakassetas), Mandalos, Mitruglou (69 Koulouris).

Finland (Kaneva): (Leyne, Sawyer, 73), Tommen (83), Foky (93), and Fanny (93) Mother).

target: 25 & # 39; Grenand

Cards "Grundlund

Remember the life of the race here

Group Ranking:

1. Finland 12 (5-1)

2. Greece 9 (4-4)

3. Hungary 7 (7-6)

4. Estonia 1 (3-9)

Next race (Sunday – 18/11)

Finland – Hungary

Greece – Estonia

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