Friday , February 26 2021

Grizzlies landed in the ex-Anis Adococonbo's terrible NBA

John Adodoconbu did everything in his power to prevent the defeat of his team, but that was not enough. "Greek Freak" was a big night, finished the game with 31 points with 10/12 two points, 0/2 triangles, 11/12 shots, 9 rebounds, 4 assists, 1 theft and 2 cuts in 34 minutes.

Chris Middleton with 25 points was a worthy supporter of Yanis, with Pat Conton adding 16 points and Eric Baldo 15 points.

For Grizzly, Mark Gasol was terrible, finishing the game with 29 points, with Mick Connelly adding 26 points and Sevvin Mak 15 points.

Series at the end of each day

Grizzlies showed early on their intentions after they improved on the floor and closed the first battle 29-19 last. In the second period the difference was even 13 points (36-23), but somewhere where the Bucks reacted with a counter attack that continued to drop to 48-45 at the end of the first half,

In the third period, the script did not change, with Grizzly again escaping with a double-digit difference (82-67), but Bucks dropped to 84-80. In the fourth season, the Beks brought the Tomba in the game, and by taking the solutions of their counterparts, they ran away with 94-86. Memphis responded, however, and gradually began to approach the score, managing a crucial point to turn a 12-0 round and continue ahead with 106-99, with coach Mike Mike Badenholzer being eliminated from the eruption of Grisial.

Bucks was in a difficult position, but thanks to the baskets of Yanni and Middleton, they were close to turning, but the last shot at the finale was not a goal, and Memphis celebrated a big victory.

The Boxscore Confrontation (ESPN Source)

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