Thursday , October 21 2021

Handcuffs to a robber – save Ross from "Pilaria" – Newsbeast


On October 23, the Blackpool police posted a picture of a security camera from a man holding a box of beers. this person He was suspected of being stolen As he had allegedly stolen a month earlier than a coat, wallet and cell phone.

What made his case a crime was not his crime, but his character, as he looked impressive for David Swim, the actress who impressed Ross in his favorite series "Friends". Indeed, it was such a mystery on the Internet with the image of the suspect, even though the actor himself was forced to explain that he did not say, "Police, I swear I'm not myself." As you can see, I was in New York, Adding: "The hard police of Blackpool, successfully with the research."

His wish was caught, even a little late. Police announced on November 13 that the 36-year-old suspect had been arrested, and he thanked everyone for help, but "special" David David.

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