Monday , October 25 2021

His request for the region of Crete was declared by Arnautakis


"We are native to Crete," said regional governor Stavros Arnautakis, who officially announced his candidacy for the upcoming local elections,

As stated, unity, balanced cooperation and development is triangular because its integration will continue to operate.

As he had said in the past, the proclamation of his candidacy would become the day of the celebration of Heraklion's patron saint, Agius Minas, and thus Mr. Arnautakis announced his candidacy.

"We will discuss the region of Crete again in May 2019. The goal is the syncretism, the balanced development and unity of all the inhabitants of Crete, and we want to continue to serve with all the citizens of Crete, we want to continue to serve as national Cretans because we believe in unity and cooperation. Course, "said the provincial governor.

Referring to the commemoration of the parties, Mr. Arnautkis stressed:

"We, for our part, have stated many times that self-government is independent and must remain independent, we do not need liberators, we want cooperation, synergies and cooperation with all those who can have the same visions with us. Of another island. "Above all, however, what is needed is regional development, local development and the unity of all, and I think we have succeeded in our previous regularity."

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