Monday , October 25 2021

"Lightning" from John: In the case of Simitis, Cipers is the plug, Karamanlis the plug and cables of Rasputin


"Beauties" against Cipers, Papagopoulos, Costas Caramanalis and warnings to the southwest, was released by the director of the Political Bureau of Poppy Ganimata, Manolis Otons.

Referring to the awakening of the Simitis case on the Prime Minister's request to open accounts, Mr. Othon noted that "The pack is strong, we do not chew, we do not sting, and we are not afraid either."

He claimed yes "The clear and open design of Cipers to manage the next defeat through an unprecedented muddy environment and conditions," and predicted that this tactic "will be considered completely ineffective."

Especially for development relative to former prime minister, Otons noted: "The current chapter of this series is heated food based on the testimony of an unreliable character, over a decade of duration … He can not touch Kostas Simitis and our faction … The drowning is perceived by their hair, "And" Sporting "who in their panic will storm to Elephtherios and Venizelos."

Then he rushed to complain that he was no doubt "targeted attack and indeed a two-way attack" to explain:

"In this case, the Cappers is a plug, the plug is Kostas Karamanlis and the harnessing of Rasputin known enclaves of justice all over the hard core of the country, all networks of hard core of Karamanlis in a deep state.

In fact, the director of the political office of Fofis Gennimatas said:

"I have heard public positions of the man holding the baguette in this story – and I mean Mr. Papagopoulos – to say that he will never enter this government if he does not have the tolerance of Mr. Costas Karamanalis, whom he respects and accepts and will not do anything without his will. "

She pointed to reason Anyone who wants to buy this theory, I personally do not buy it and I have to say it publicly. "

man. Othonas even hastened logically in relation to the ND. "You do not understand, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, for example … Anyone who does not understand and despises indifference lies on the sides of his pole … I do not want to say anything now … but it's a joke for the average citizen."

According to Mr. Othon, the purpose of the attack on the movement of change and PASOK is "To hit the only line that could lead to SYRIZA's strategic defeat, I'm not saying they'll succeed, I just managed to keep the climate at the moment. We have nothing to fear, nothing to hide, but nothing to offset. "

Finally he pointed it out "Since the establishment of the Greek state in 1828 two politicians have entered the prison, one convicted and the other sentenced as custodian, both coming from PASOK and the news is that PASOK has launched proceedings against them." The Democratic Party had the courage to cut parts of its body and eliminate them when there were signs that something had gone wrong . But the whole line will not apologize for individual positions, isolated, even if they are unacceptable. "

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