Tuesday , May 17 2022

Paros – heartbreaking photos after cleaning the seabed – the beach is full of garbage


On the surface came the shameful reality hidden at the bottom of the coast of Poros.

The findings of the volunteer action to clean the seabed in the Wingy area of ​​Parikia in Paros are worrying: from tires for soft drinks and mats, crates and carpets to glasses and glass beer bottles.

On Saturday, October 16, a similar operation took place in Naoussa and there the result was also heartbreaking. It should be noted that with the “Aegean renovation” working to purify beaches and seabed and restore the balance of marine life, not only the discarded objects are collected but recycled and reused in the logic of the circular economy and modern ecology. .

With the cleansing actions, it gives breath to the seabed of the Aegean Sea, as a clean and healthy sea means the health of the marine ecosystem and the preservation of its invaluable wealth for the survival and health of the human species.

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