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PPC Social Invoice: Change Criteria – a new application by all beneficiaries – News Dikaiologitika


A new EPA decision sets forth changes in the criteria and categories of beneficiaries for PPC's Household Invoice and Invoice (CTO).

According to the decision, those who have already joined the social invoice will have to reapply based on the new criteria, while those that do not apply will be automatically reduced on December 31, 2018, which is the closing date.

Based on the categories, criteria, and customer integration for vulnerable customers, the following decisions are made:

According to the decision, the beneficiaries are electricity customers as long as they fall into one of the following categories:

– Category: Customers who joined the Social Home Invoicing (CTO)

– Category B: Customers whose home vehicle includes persons who require mechanical assistance through medical devices provided at home are necessary for their own lives and themselves and their household members have annual actual or imputed income derived from recent income tax statements of household members for whom the chapter has expired The time prescribed in the applicable provisions or on a price, up to the limits set in the decision "Implementation of the Social Home Rate"

– Category C: Customers who have reached the age of 70, provided that there is no other adult household who has not reached this age limit in addition to their household members, taxable annual income (taxable, self-employed or special tax exempt or exempt tax) Of the latest income tax statements of household members for whom the period expired alongside the existing provisions or to extend any limit through submission to the limits set forth in the Resolution "Implementing the Social Home Tariff" being increased by eight 8000 parents

Procedure for joining the Registrar

DEPAD maintains a single and vulnerable customer registration, which includes:

Customers who have joined the KTO
Customers fall into some of the subcategories B and C

Applications for inclusion in the vulnerable customer register are filed at any time during the year, electronically through the program's website using personal access codes of the TAXISnet information system, AADE

The application is filed by the debtor or the spouse of the person who delivered a tax declaration on the household, and on additional condition that the electricity supply for which he is addressed to be included in the vulnerable customer register is on behalf of his spouse

In the event that the benefit does not match the application, the necessary procedures must be completed before submitting the application to the injured companies, so that the account will be issued by the spouse or spouse and indicate the address of the central house

In the application, the applicant provides permission to search for the declared data by the competent bodies for all members of the household and attest to their inclusion in the category of beneficiary

Applicants must fill in the appropriate fields of application, AFM, AMM. And the number of electricity supply for which he is a candidate. The data available from the electronic databases appear in advance in the relevant fields of the application and the applicant completes the missing

Specifically, for households that include a person or persons requiring mechanical support, the certificate number of the insurance institution to which the patient is being treated should be indicated, confirming the need for a home support facility required for the patient's life or the number of protocols of a corresponding state hospital The patient is not insured. Beneficiaries must keep the source of the relevant qualification and all relevant documents, as long as they are entered into the Register and provide them in case of review. The existence and accuracy of the content of proof and accuracy of the declared data may be checked by the competent services on the basis of records of other services

In the case of a household composed of hosted members, the claim is filed solely by the debtor or spouse of the person filing the income tax declaration of the host unit to all members of the household. In this case, when processing the request, the guest consent will be prompted by their TAXISnet codes to search for the data reported by the entities responsible. The submission of an income tax report from all members of the household who have such an obligation and the consent of all the adults is a prerequisite for completing the application
After completion of the application and in case of discrepancy between the declared data and the result of the cross, the applicant may submit the application final

After examining the relevant data, the applicant is included in the vulnerable customer register from the day after completion of the audit and the task to DEDD by the competent bodies of beneficiary information and information on the integration category. If the check shows that he does not meet the criteria, he will inform the applicant of the reasons for the rejection of his application. Each household is included in the register in favor of an individual

See here the whole decision

Those who joined the vulnerable register will be required to reapply within one month after the end of the period prescribed in the applicable provisions or to extend the deadline for submission of a personal income tax report and a reexamination of the conditions for inclusion in the Register whether automatically included if they are already included in the CTM. In the first case, where a new application is required, the customer will be removed from the vulnerable customer register if it appears that the conditions for membership no longer exist in any category or no application has been submitted by the next day of the deadline mentioned in paragraph 1. An amended application may be filed at any time during the year due to a change in the data Declared

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