Sunday , June 26 2022

Problems on iPhone X and Mac Book will be fixed free of charge Apple Gadgets


Apple has admitted that there are some issues affecting the 13 – inch MacBook and MacBook models. The American company promised consumers that they would fix them for free.

This is another link in the chain of quality problems in the past year in Apple products, although the company has increased prices for most of them, according to Reuters. For months, some users complained that the iPhone X touch screen was having problems.

The company announced that the screen of some iPhone X – model published in 2017 at a starting price of $ 999 – may cause problems in the touch process due to the technical problem of this component will be replaced for free.

The damaged display may not respond properly to user touch or even respond without touching. This problem does not affect the new iPhone XS and iPhone XR, which were featured this fall.

The MacBook laptop may present an additional problem, resulting in data loss due to the fact that it can not be stored on the hard disk. Apple will also repair or replace these drives for free.

The problem concerns a limited number of 128-bit and 256 GB solid-state drives installed on 13-inch MacBooks sold between June 2017 and June 2018.

Source: RES-EAP

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