Monday , June 27 2022

She is preparing her "big party" on December 8


From what she looks like Xiaomi She likes parties. This shows at least with its announcement yesterday, which the company will organize "The biggest party so far", Which will take place in New York on December 8. This announcement came a day after announcing an event that plans to hold in Britain later this week. However, this time there is not even a clue what and what kind of devices will be projected in New York.

Speech "Introducing the Newest and Best Xiaomi Products" Which it uses quite wide, as the company produces almost everything, from laptop headsets to electric scooters. In fact, these are just some of the products it has been selling in our country and other European markets.

Xiaomi, of course, is known for its high quality and affordable smartphones, but there is no trace of them on the American website. There are no official retailers of retailers Mi and Redmi.

Will it change? We can assume that the answer is no, since Huawei and ZTE were expelled from the US market, but on the other hand, OnePlus's collaboration with T-Mobile has just started, and indeed it works very well.If Xiaomi found a retailer or retailer to help her enter the market American, then it really is a cause for celebration.

The company has already sold 100 million phones this year, and two Android phones – Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite – are available for Western users. The F1 Pocopon that works with MIUI can also make people ask if the price of OnePlus 6T is competitive.

There is only one way to find out why Xiaomi is a party and is nothing more than waiting for an event in New York City. As Xiaomi USA claims, there will be present executives of the company, special guests and well-known celebrities.

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