Friday , March 5 2021

The 48 censorship letters against Mia were collected

The 48 demanded that the letters of the Torres members apply for censorship Theresa May Were collected, according to the site BrexitCentral Which relies on a reliable source.

This means that the process of the British Parliament can now be activated, which may lead to the May out of power.

Gathering the required number of no-confidence is another headache for May, who saw four ministers yesterday (including the last minister in charge Brexit) To resign.

If that were not enough, the North Africans remember a few hours ago, according to the telegraph, that their agreement with the Conservatives was canceled unless Teresa May was replaced by a new leader. The British right-wing journalist who cited sources in DUP's main environment, Arlene Foster, threatened to vote against Britain's withdrawal from the European Union to vote in the House of Representatives and added that support for Toris, below, "depends on who will be in the leadership of the Conservative Party."

Now it turns out that the government under sex is violent violence, as Brexit executives resign one by one. And the feeling is that the wave of resignations will continue, while Mai desperately searches for replacements of those who have left. Today she only copes with denials, especially as server Brexit, making her position even more difficult, even if she remains in power.

"No, I'm not a modern cambr …"

After Sunday's nuisance, British Prime Minister Theresa Mei is launching a defiant counterattack and teeth to defend the draft agreement with the EU on Brexit, but also her position is threatened by the rebellion in the ranks of Torrey and the vocal retreat from her government that may have continued.

Today, as part of a magic spell, he defended the draft agreement from the microphone of the LBC radio network, where he answered listening questions.

Teresa Mae said she would remain prime minister when the listener referred to the possibility of "decent resignation."

Mae refused to be Neville of Berlin, the modern British leader who had protested the claim that he calmed Berlin and achieved peace with Adolf Hitler's Germany a year before the outbreak of World War II. The British prime minister is accused of "surrendering" to the European Union through an agreement that would force the country to adopt European regulations after leaving the European bloc.

"No, I'm not a modern Cumberland, and the reason for this is: we do not remain committed to winning something we do not want," LBC said.

Teresa May refused to issue the Tori MPs to vote for free on the Brexit deal

Neville Charles Farlan was ejected in 1940 after the war broke out and was replaced by Winston Churchill.

"They have not yet appointed a new minister for the bauxite, but of course I will do it in the coming days," the British prime minister said when asked if he had offered the job to Michael Gao, Berkshire's most prominent supporter of his government.

Earlier, the British media wanted Michael Guo, the environment minister and one of the central faces of the Brexit campaign, to prepare to leave the government in turn. When asked how long ago he did not want to confirm or deny it. However, he did not accept May's proposal to succeed Minister resigned Brexit responsible for Dominic Rabab.

The departure of Michael Guo will be a blow to the Prime Minister of Britain, whose government was shocked yesterday by the continued resignation of ministers, brutal supporters of Brixt, who disagree on the draft agreement with the European Union.

"I believe that the way I follow is the best for my country," he told reporters yesterday, at the end of the day he left the back of Brixate if the support of the British parliament was not guaranteed.

It seems that the warnings do not convince the parliamentary allies in the Democratic Union of Northern Ireland (DUP), whose deputies rely on the parliamentary majority.

According to the Daily Telegraph, DUP considers the agreement on parliamentary cooperation with Teresa Mae, which is only to expect when replacing the prime minister, while not vote on the Brexit Agreement.

Ex-Minister Brexit: "Terrible" agreement for the UK and "most convenient" for the EU

The British Parliament will vote against the draft proposal of Prime Minister Teresa Mae on Brexit, but she will have to return to the EU for another deal, one of the former ministers of Brexit said today.

"The policy we have to deal with is rejected by the House of Representatives, so the prime minister will have to find an alternative," said David Davis, the minister responsible for his country's exit from the EU from July 2016 to July 2018.

Speaking of the BBC's Today program, Davis described the deal as "terrible" prime minister for the UK and "very convenient" for the EU.

"It can not be accepted under any circumstances, it's not what people voted," he said.

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