Thursday , October 28 2021

They cleaned with the same toilets, mugs and basins


The Chinese Ministry of Culture and Culture has commissioned a survey of hazardous hygiene conditions in a five-star hotel after filming the film in secret, showing the cleaning workers in luxury rooms of international networks using the same fabric to clean toilets, mugs and basins.

In its statement, the ministry emphasizes that it is particularly concerned about these outbursts in large hotels, and that it has instructed the local cultural and tourism authorities in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing, Fujian Province, Yang Jie and Gui , And to conduct an investigation.

Cleaners in some luxury hotels were "caught" by rooms installed in the camera, cleaning cups, sinks and mirrors with dirty sails, spongy towels, causing public outrage and anxiety.

Most of the listed hotels belong to large international chains. Among them is Conrad Beijing, Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., Waldorf Astoria, Sheraton of Marriott International Inc., Le Royal Meridien Shanghai, Ritz Carlton, Shangri-La Hotel and Foz.

Shanghai Municipal Tourism Agency announced that the investigation is underway and will support the authorities when it will impose heavy penalties on hotels whose guilt is about to be found. Beijing Town Board invited the managers of four hotels involved in explanations. The health authorities of the capital began collecting samples from the hotel facilities to check and check the findings of the inspections that will be released soon.

Similar investigations are being conducted in Fujai and Guiyang, capitals of Fujian and Guizhou provinces, respectively. The local authorities were called upon to increase the supervision and supervision of the quality of tourism services. The Ministry has undertaken to deal with strict behaviors that have a serious impact on the quality of tourism services.

The 12-minute video was released on Wednesday, Huzhong, an online celebrity with 322,000 followers in Voivodship, Chinese Twitter. Huzhang said he had filmed the video during his stay in luxury hotels recently and was disappointed when he realized that it was customary to use a team to use dirty towels to clean glasses.

The video has sparked controversy on the Internet, and some say the cleaners do not pay enough to work in some of the world's most expensive tourism. "Fortunately, I do not have to pay to stay at all these hotels," the city uses.

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