Monday , October 25 2021

Voice: Sakis Rouvas is troubled by his players! Intensity and suggestions


"Constantine Prokopis and Nikos Kipriotis in Battles" were invited to appear in the song "Cast Red at Night".

Their coach, however, was not entirely satisfied with the result, as he pointed out to them that they did not do certain things he asked them to do.

"I can not tell you that I was very pleased with the result because we had them rehearsing … I asked you about some things I do not know if you remember them, but they did not really happen.I also told you to try singing a song in English because the song was originally English Nikos, I told you … a little rock, and you did the exact opposite, "said Sakis Rawas.

Sakis chose to take Constantine Procopis with him in the next stage, but he explained that he was not happy at all and that he had more expectations.

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