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[גביע טאנג יו]Shai Yuki retired before the last 1 point and was reprimanded when a Chinese “shameful” women’s team defeated Japan to regain the Yuba Cup.


[Tilu News]Badminton team tournament in the Tangio Cup in Denmark broke out on Saturday (16) between China and Japan! The Chinese men’s team reached the final with a 3-1 victory over Japan and competed with Indonesia for the Thomas Cup. However, Shi Yu fought a vicious battle against Tao Tian Kanto. He retired before the end point and was controversial. Citizens shouted at them for lack of sport … As for the Chinese women’s team, it won three consecutive cities after the defeat of the women’s gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, Chen Yoffai, and defeated Japan with an overall score of 3-1, then won the Oba Cup after five years.

China and Japan met in the top 4 of the Thomas Cup. In the first singles, Shai Yuki and Momuta Kanto met in a narrow way. In the first game, both sides fought to a tie of 20. At the end, Momota defeated “Dio Shay” 22:20 and took the lead. In the second round, Shai Yuki clearly could not keep up and began to lag behind. But when Tao Tian led the top 20: 5 and won by just one point, Shi Yuki suddenly retired. The judge asked many times “Is this true?” Want to retire? Do you need a doctor to get into treatment? “After the medical staff came in and asked, Shai Yuki shook his head frequently, the referee announced that Shai Yuki would retire. This ‘strange’ retirement provoked a huge controversy. Shai Yuki said after the game that” 20 points abstained means I did not lose. ” Changed his words and said: “My body hurts everywhere, to avoid aggravation of injuries.” As a result, many fans posted on the Internet. The message was wolves: “Surrender and lose half?” “Really lack of athleticism.” Even Chinese citizens do not appreciate it “It’s not a shame to retire. Too bad to retire right now! “But it’s a shame to retire like that!” “If you do not respect people, how can others respect you?”

Although Shi Xiuki lost, he Jiting / Zhou Haudong barely defeated Watanabe Utah / Hawki Takuro in the men’s doubles 2-1 to equal Goyo, then with Li Shifeng in the second single and Liu Cheng / Wang Yilio in the men’s doubles the second. The Chinese team, which strives to defend the title, defeated the Japanese team 3: 1 to advance to the final. Today the Indonesian team that knocked out Denmark was forced to compete for the championship.

In the Yuba Cup, the Chinese women’s team recovered, losing to Thailand in the top four years ago and losing the final for the first time in history. She successfully avenged Thailand on Thursday and took on a decisive battle against Japan yesterday. . Eastern Olympic champion Chen Yofei climbed to the lead in the first single for the national feathers. Against Acne Yamaguchi, the two have played against Acne Yamaguchi 19 previous times. Chen Yoffei had 8 wins and 11 losses. The fight also did not take advantage of the game, with 18:21 in consecutive games., 10:21 defeat.

In the second doubles match for women, the Austrian runner-up, Chen Qingchen / Jia Japan, played against Fukushima Yuki / Matsumoto Mayo. 29:27, 15:21, 21:18) A narrow victory, scored a key point for the team, equal 1: 1. After the second single, the Bingjiao defeated Takashi Shaya with 21: 9 and 21:18. Dongping / Lee Wenmi defeated Misa Matsumoto / Nami Matsuyama with 24:22 and 23:21. The victory over the Chinese team was complete. The turnaround was 3-1 and won the Oba Cup for the 15th time.

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