Thursday , October 28 2021

Dow’s decline widened to more than 500 points, NASDAQ drops by 2.5% -RTHK-Radio Hong Kong


  1. The Dow is expanding to more than 500 points, the Nasdaq is down 2.5% -RTHKRadio Hong Kong
  2. [תנאי הבורסה בארה”ב]The US is closing soon, the Dow is down more than 500 points, the Nasdaq is down 2.7% and debt yields have risen above 1.56% (constantly updated) -Hong Kong Economic Times-Real-Time Channel-Financing Market-Stock ExchangeHong Kong Economic Times-News
  3. “Market Review That Day” Hong Kong stocks rose and fell again and againAsdaq Finance Network
  4. US stocks fell early, NASDAQ fell more than 1%, US bond yields rose to put pressure on technology stocks – RTHKRadio Hong Kong
  5. [מצב הבורסה בארה”ב]US closes, Dow falls more than 400 points, Nasdaq drops 2.3% (continuously updated) -Hong Kong Economic Times-Real-time channel-Market-Financing-MarketHong Kong Economic Times-News
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