Monday , October 25 2021

Mom on the Shen Real Estate Mall suspected to be a prostitute place Massage Lady sexy dress to attract business


There are many beauty massage shops in Fu Garden, an Maanshan. (Maanshan Community Frontline Facebook Screen)

Pooh Ann Mann on Shan has recently opened a number of beauty massage shops, it is suspected to provide "alternative services" and become a place for prostitution. Affects neighboring schools, businesses and citizens.

According to media reports, the mall's beauty massage shops are filled with sexy, sophisticated ladies, talking to passing men, and seeing young men jumping. It is understood that their unspoken rule is that guests only need to add money to provide "alternative services".

The residents who live here feel helpless and say that this is a very ordinary residential mall. I do not understand how such unfair stores will appear. Some residents even saw the massage lady wearing a mini skirt, mesh stockings or high heels wear.

A few days ago there were a few students who were "looking for the machine" to supervise the operation of the beauty massage shop. During this period, there was a physical collision with the lady in the massage shop. After that, the police received the report and gave the woman a verbal warning after the incident, and on the same day many massage parlors did not work, and closed the door to avoid the spotlight.There is also a sexy massage shop that does not see sexy dresses to attract guests, it is very alert.

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