Friday , May 14 2021

The decision to produce the animated “The Little Witch Has Got” “The Little Witch Sprouted” is due out in August 2021

“The Little Witch Sprouted” developed by Pupuya Games, an independent gaming group in Taiwan, and released by Ximeng Creative, today(April 1)Announce the animation and release the trailer. In the dungeon of the old castle, boss Tanya stared at the moonlight falling from the patio, radiating an atmosphere of loneliness and danger.

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“The Little Witch Noberta,” which won the 13th Bahamot Game and Animation Awards, is a three-dimensional action game. The players will play a cute little witch and be licked in the unknown castle. In the process, it is necessary to make good use of physical melee attacks and match various magical elements to fight against the living souls. At the same time, it tests whether players can find hidden shortcuts in the tangled castle; The game opened for early access in June last year and was in 2 monthly sales and reached 200,000 sets worldwide. With the release of the official version it is expected to be launched simultaneously on the Nintendo Switch and Playstation platforms.

Publisher Ximeng Creative said that the full version of the animation will be created by the animation team in Taiwan, and the BOSS and existing and unpublished scenes will also appear in the animation. Currently, Ximeng Creative is actively negotiating with seiyuu for the dubbing work. The dubbing list along with animation in August this year.The collaboration unit expected to be dubbed is different from that of traditional companies, then the belief is that the list brings many surprises and surprises to players around the world.

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