Sunday , October 2 2022

The new iPad Pro is thriving? ! Be careful when putting a bag! –


Strictly speaking, the new iPad Pro actually has a lot of new things and improvements, such as Flight Away Home and Face ID, the border has become a bit square, different from the old version design. However, I do not know if any machine design is too new. If the user buys a new iPad Pro, you may want to be careful when using it, because it can be a "defective machine".

There YouTuber takes the new iPad Pro for testing (about 6:21 above). As long as the hand is bent, the screen of the whole machine will explode. This means that if the user is put in the bag, the subway is accidentally pushed and crushed, and the accident occurs in minutes. Even if it is used at home or in a company, when someone sits low, they do not see it clearly. When sitting on an iPad Pro, the results can be inconceivable.

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