Saturday , October 16 2021

Australia: Aussie Bolt abandons the pursuit of his dream …

The eight-year Olympic Olympics, after 32 years, Ausien Bolt, ended his sporting career, did not give up his dream of hunting for professional football, so from September to eight weeks on the coast of Australia's central coast. There was no contract, but now he has made an ultimatum that he will have to find a team within two weeks, otherwise he will not finish his football career.

Your janitor is already there, question, can we see it? (Photo: AFP)

Usain Bolt joined Mariners's main team at the beach in late Australia at the end of September with almost two months of training on a test game. He also responded, but the yearning for the contract did not come together, because the jogger Michaeli asked twenty times the amount recommended by the club.

Since then, Bolt has not heard of him until he declares that he has not yet abandoned his dream of continuing as a footballer, but this time he drew a line.

"I have been dealing with many clubs in recent days and decided to make a decision before the end of November if I go to another team or not try to move on," said Bolt, he was there on the spot.

"I want to play football, it's my dream, I know there are those who say I do not hit the level, but I do not buy it myself, I spoke to Paul Pogba and Rhea Sterling who encouraged me and thought I was on the right track," said Bolt, Contract by Valletta FC in Malta. Shop before the Australian club took part in the German Borussia Dortmund and Norwegian Strömsgodset.

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