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Bayern Munich's genius was good for tears


Frank Ribery, a Frenchman, said goodbye to Bayern Munich on Saturday afternoon. As champion nine, he leaves the Munich football stage and his name is never forgotten by Bayern fans.

When in May 2007, Bayern Munich (the last so far) was not eligible for the Champions League, then Beckenbauer-Hoeness-Rummenigge Trinity broke the alarm. Then, as they took the checkbook, they set out on a virtual journey. It was a useful trip to attract three world stars to the Bavarian rainy capital Luca Tony, Miroslav Kloseft and Frank Ribery. A total of 75 million trios, of which 25 were awarded for a silver medal in the World Championships in Germany.

Frank Ribery and perhaps Huyens in June 2007 as soon as the approval of the French player in MunichSource: Images ddp / AFP / Jorg Koch

They knew it was not a waste of money, but now that Kaiser Frank was leaving after 12 years he could say with confidence: he has a real treasure. Often many will write down their statistics in Germany, so we just look at it in this place; In the history of the 56 years of the Bundesliga, Frank Ribéry has the most championship titles, nine. In the closed season, he was survived by the former Guten Akht, Shul, Kahn, Lehem and Schwenstein.

That Ribery is not only a magical football player but also a real funeral. The first was proven to be white-black (or very colored in color) in the second game Bondesliga for those who did not know. In the summer of 2007, Bayern played Bremen for the team that was well ahead of him last season.

Ribery and Ruben bid farewell to the crowd in MunichSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Frank Hormann / Sven Simon

In other words, on paper there was no clear chance that the match would take place in Munich, just like a recent Wasser party. Then the Frenchman took his magic wand to charm anyone who liked the Bundesliga champion 28 years for a decade.

He scored the first goal of his life in the German points hunt, out of 11, and had the opportunity to take on the "Making Panenkás" at 0-0. But he came to him. However, an amazing performance Ribéry began in a game which hit its peak. Schultz's gesture is one of the most enchanting details in the history of the Bundesliga. Described. If anyone tried to, he could write that he had put the ball on his chest on his feet in the air, stuck it for a second, and without putting his foot on the ground, he cleaned it with Schultz. A few steps after passing the ball to Tony, at the end of the attack launched, Altintop scored the third goal of Bayern, who set the game. (In the second round) it was decided that Bayern would be accessible at the same point hunt.

Frank Ribery's parting affair with MunichSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Frank Hormann / Sven Simon

However, the first German action championship won the tenth round, but it was the result of a team structure at the time, like Miroslav Klose, world champion Luca Toni and later world champion (not to mention most of the goals in the history of the World Championship).

The goal of the 10th round is still memorable for anyone who saw the ball pass the Bochum Gate as Madjer was just to Bayern in the 1987 final BEK. He was not mistakenly chosen for October's goal in Germany (among other things, preceded by Sandor Torg, a cup in a glass, also a truly stunning blow). At the end of the season, he won the title of champion win to win the 10-point championship before Bremen, so he escaped from Salatatala barely catch up with his friends. Not only did he steal the silver medal for the champion, but also the show, when the king of the gate, Oliver Kahn and coach Ottmar Hitzfeld, said in the evening.

Frank Ribery and SalsthalSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Firo / Sebastian Al-Saqqa

In addition to his extraordinary gaming skills, he has always been glamorous about his entertainment in recent decades. He had to continue the game in the championship game, and the referee just tried to explain to him that he would kick the ball towards the other half while his opponent was still moving, but Ribery was bored with the long speech. He took the toy from the Sporis simply, lowered himself and kicked him in the excellent direction. Needless to say, this move is entirely beyond the scope of the law book, but the judge blinded the event, letting go of things in their bed, hoping the inspector did not deny it. It was not a common event in a serious tournament that was made free kick by Guardiola to lead higher. Suddenly, they could not decide who to kick, that's why He phoned Sweenstiger and Crost quickly on paper blocks To decide on the executive person.

Nor did he reject the German televisions when he was called out to spend some time out of bounds. In the center of Munich, the Marienplatz features a sports shop. Ribery stood in his window like a wax doll. And when passersby had long ago guessed whether they saw their idols here, or just a statue, they came to life with a sudden movement and frightened them.

He took off his shirt-the last one on that runwaySource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Firo / Sebastian Al-Saqqa

It is a colorful personality in every aspect of football. He brought mischief to today's mechanical football, which is reminiscent of the safe and entertaining atmosphere of childhood children. For a nice player, an unexpected move not only gave him a chance to score, but (as they say) he sold his soul. This course did not always coach like, so he had conflicts with his Catalan and an Italian leader in Munich. But I'm sure Bayern will be more memorable for the role of the Munich Ribéry, Guardiolaé or Ancelotti. Of course, van Hal did not get a jolt when he laughed In 2010, in the 37th minute of his first game in the first semi-final against Lyon, Lyon set himself up with a mindless move So not only in the game, not only on retrograde, but also in the final, there was no chance for Bayern.

And Hynx could not be so excited when he was so tired that he had to be knocked down in the 2012 final, and Ulitz, who came to his place, made a mistake in the fine. If Ribéry kicked off 11 instead of the Croatian player then Bayern might occupy one of the most prestigious trophies in the club.

This is a past time. In fact, this is the last goal of the Bundesliga. True, it passed very close. In the final round against Frankfurt, he came as a replacement, saw, ran, the ball, acted, acted, acted, sank the ball and bid farewell to the ball that was really worthy of him. Then he celebrated with the slat too.

Frank Ribéry is the 9th champion for the first time in the history of the BundesligaSource: Picture-Alliance / AFP / Verwendung weltweit / Firo / Sebastian Al-Saqqa

Ribéry was the Bundesliga champion for the ninth time and probably last. This has made it historic, even if it probably will not take long on this list. Because if Bayern is again a champion in a short period of time (of course, every chance is there), then more will be updated, and even sooner rather than later will be left behind. There are those who own seven species Salatastals in the line, due to their age, they can also participate in more Marienplatz celebrations. No doubt, Frank Ribéry will be the record champion for at least a year, and no one will ever lose the fact that he was the first nine in the Bundesliga championship.

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