Saturday , October 1 2022

Dark signs Farmville: Here's a new crash?


This year, bonds and bonds are performing poorly as well, so much has been knocked over by another recession. However, as to the cyclical nature of the economy, we are still in the recovery stage, and it will take up to two years to reach the economic downturn. However, at present, extreme movements and even smaller or larger losses can be expected, so that investors should not look at the momentum of individual assets, but the long-term profit of the entire portfolio.

This year, neither the bond market nor the stocks perform well, and even returns to unfavorable takes place, so many people worry about the crisis because of a new crisis – announced K & H Fund Management.

Because of the cyclical nature of the economy, it often happens that the performance of both types of assets is different or both are low, so the image should be taken in the long run and the place where the current economic cycle is concerned: the current fall is rather a correction or starting market carry under conditions of. To get this answer, take into account the performance of the global economy, the actions of central banks and market processes

– Mátyás Kovács, senior portfolio manager at K & H Management Foundation, noted.

While the global economy is expected to grow by 3.7% next year and 2.5% growth in the US economy, the Eurozone, which has performed weaker today, expects a 1.9% rise, a clear rise. Recycled, but inflation is only beginning to rise, which, in turn, clearly indicates the recovery stage due to and not a recession.

Although the central bank, which played a central role in the US central bank, continues to raise interest rates, the ECB will close its bond buying program by the end of the year. This caution indicates that economic growth has been stable on the feet without stimulating measures of central banks.

Similarly, in recent years there has been a decline in stock exchange prices, so this is actually a correction, while in the long run there is still a rising trend. The yields on European bonds are still on the bond market, but yields in the US are growing, which is the uniqueness of the recovery stage.

All in all, we see that the economy has always been cyclical and remains what we are now in the recovery phase. However, it can take 1-2 years, so instead of panic, two things should be appropriate: on the one hand strong exchange rate fluctuations remain with us, on the other hand, investing in one or more fluctuating market environment it may show minus or at least one smaller profit Or two years ago. What is the most amazing solution in this case if we are not looking at one investment property but want to earn on each of our portfolio in the long run

– The expert recommends investments.

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