Sunday , February 28 2021

Fidesz is far from Jobbik

Our residual date also confirmed the results of the study because government authorities have a huge flutter after the fall of the country. Fidesz-KDNP is the XVI. And that was not enough to leave the last opposition. A big fact is that Jobbik almost disappeared, and there is no vote for the opposition to do so.

By the end of February, the Fidesz-KDNP team was able to make a quick turnaround following our long-awaited return to the fact that the government's backbone has been shown to be more efficient and rigorous. that's it The opposition's failure is compressed,And it is not even clear which parts are pointing to the opposition. As for Jobbik and LMP, MSZP looks like a milestone.

Without resistance

Vasrnap XVI. They were held in a box headed by the government and the opposition.Now the inhalation of Fidesz-KDNP has earned 57 ghosts,Mg of the opposition shaken 35 times.In 2014, in those chapters, the gendarmerie lines could not stand in the same way.Fidesz not only make it happen, but also in 2014 the pest.

The government also leads a lot, and it is confirmed by the times of timeForbes: MTI / Kovcs Tams

It was a great lesson to learn that neither LMP nor Jobbik voted in favor of bloody resistance. In 2014 there were 17 chess pieces, while the left was 31 square meters. If this was the verdict, then the opposition should be within 50 years. All this is a very serious piece of music for the people who have been involved in the last few weeks and are everywhere. His vote is burning, not with the waving players of the left.

A state employee of the United States is also an important student.Mr., even with a serious musician, that in the case of 8,000 pounds, the opposition could not send a signal, Only in the Fidesz ring. It is a good idea that, unlike Budapest and the great uproar, the opposition forces have disappeared from the political agenda. Everyone learns to vote for 24 votes in total, which shows that government confidence is quite high.

Innovation is the advantage of Fidesz-KDNPForce: Point Intzt

Giant Fidesz

All these results confirmed the results of the last few weeks released. The government is still very busy, and the entire adult population of Hungary is 38 people, which is larger than a thousand people – came from the NZPont Intet. The tournament is still in the same place as the Jobbik equal in the previous month, with ten doubles, while MSZP-Próbd kept five loops, while DK could score a total of 4 times.According to Midian, in October, there were a huge number of government officials in the hands of leading politicians,The opposition's vote declined.

With the turn of Fidesz 8, he won every time he set off. However, there was no such thing as beating a government under the opponent's diary. XV. And in Sombat, I had no objections from the opposition to the opposition. In previous places, Fides was unable to manage the mandate, but by 2014, the results rose, and radsul chest crumpled just before the opposition.

prilis 8 won almost every time the Fidesz-KDNPForrs: AFP / Attila Kisbenedek

The check almost disappeared

One of the most important lessons learned from the Voxols was that the 2018 parliamentary elections were held in the Vicke, where the political trekker disappeared. The only thing I did was start one day (Pstn), but with the help of a parallel colleague, Munksprt did not stop the gel. Jobbik's biggest failure was this In the former Tiszavasvri, called prt fvros, were not able to sell anything, Who was lying next to her chest, suffered from a stroke.

Citizens of the city Tiszavasvry lose their minds Jobbik fact does not want to start any time in the past. PRT leads, they refer to itThey will not start due to SZ-BRsg completely legitimate,The more they are, the more they see the countryThey managed to get the eighth spot on the trilogy.And the Tisavasvri veresg was passed on by Vlsga Jobbik.

The check has almost disappeared from political excitementFot: Zlyfia Fly – Origo

Victory of victory

We talked about Earl tooIn September, even the Socialists and Scythians could not scratch Belli,In Faxon, only Monkspert, under one wing, was able to go against Fides. August, with the help of a 90 year old tattoo, Felcston, Psztn mg Attila Farkas, who won an expert with balliberlism with Dmsdi Gbor, Flag of Fidesz-KDNP. The greatest significance was the civic symbol of Josepho, Opposition Mdia flicker also put the former SZDSZ Gyri Ptert in position, but he received the Feldz jelltje turn right.

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