Monday , October 25 2021

He killed this man because he was not dead – everyone died Blfeld – Hungary I worshiped


In the 44th race between Baixa and La Geula on April 19, 2018, a pickup truck hit two pedestrians. Our IDs wanted to go on the road and almost passed through when the accident took place. One of them died on the spot and the other was injured after the accident for more than two weeks at the hospital. " writes.

The police headquarters of Biske, where she was put on trial for a road accident by the truck driver. The man admitted that the tragedy was due to his lack of attention. He was not drunk, he did not drive fast, but for a while he looked at the road, not on the road, but at the reconstructed pier near the road. That's why he did not notice the pedestrians coming from the left.

The police carried out the necessary procedures during the investigative phase of the investigation and transferred the investigation file to the prosecutor on November 13, 2018.

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