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I'm afraid of fishing cards, since January can only be fishing with the new charter –


I'm afraid of fishing cards, since January I can go fishing with the new charter

Every day, 1500 people register for fishing in Hungary – writes From January you can only take a fishing card with the new transition. The current ticket-based card will be replaced by the Hungarian fishing card from January.

Since registration in September, a number of anglers who have cleaned their data by electronic registration or on the site was over 110,000, and they were included in the central registration system and asked for the Hungarian fishing card, "said vice president of the Hungarian Federation of Fishing of the question of Inforádió. Thousands of fishermen can get a mandatory ticket in January.

But almost half a million fish in Hungary are fishing, so most of them have not yet received a new permit. István Dérer stressed that legal fishing does not depend on the physical holding of the card, the main thing is to be registered in the central system.

Anyone who completed the registration will get an identification number, this is a version that illustrates it, and that's enough to run a public fishing flag. According to InfoRádió, there are many thousands registered every day to make the card.

You can subscribe to the U-turn page here, here is information about something that is not online to claim the card.

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