The tunnel between the South and the West Railway Station, the first pace of the subway 5, the connection of Metro 2 to Gödöll H HÉV, full replacement of the HVV vehicle fleet and the coverage of the western routes – the Cabinet decided on making these transportation developments on Saturday according to a decision published.

First, the Csepel and HV Ráckeve to be built on the highway will be taken underground to Calvin Tar – this is the first pace of the metro line 5 – it was frequently mentioned, but nothing has happened so far, but in the current government decision,. Feasibility study is also done on the long-term relationship between the two lines HÉV and the Szentendre HÉV – the second stage of the famous fifth subway.

The decision also bring subway trains between Kunszentmiklós-Tass-Kóbánya-Kispest and combine it with subway 5. He also mentions the decision that a comprehensive renovation awaits the HV section between Békásmegyer and Szentendre.

They also plan to "fast track route" on Gödöll ו and Csömör HV lines, they also recommend linking leader Örs, also with the long-awaited metro line 2, and calls for the establishment of a new connection transfer in Törökrr with the railway line 100a and Rákosfalva with a crossroads. Budapest subway XVII. The scope of the branch line is Rakoskurstur.

To this end, the "complete exchange of vehicles" of lines HÉV contributor, they write. The average age of the 98 HVV car today is 42 years.

Green road to the southwestern tunnel

In another decision, the government agrees to "renew the system of the railway station which is not suitable for the level of development of Budapest," ie, the destruction of the central railway stations, and therefore proposes to build a railway tunnel to be built between the south of the western railway station and the central station of the design.

Proposals were made to connect the Körvasút connected railway bridge to the South Bridge with new stations to accommodate the new railway network concept in Budapest and the development idea of ​​the changing role of the Keleti railway station.

Can we reach a new government quarter?

Moreover, although Fidesz protests at the time of the Gyurcsány government of the provinces planned throughout the West, now it seems justified that they still want to start with the western region.

The current decision calls for a proposed change in the functioning of rusting areas on the train along the main railway stations and in the main railway stations for urban development, and in particular the entire southern railway station is gradually being released following the implementation of the development targets, along with the Western Railway Station and the free- .

The first phase of the two plans will be carried out within the framework of the current financial framework of the EU's integrated action plan, and the maximum grant grant to public procurement procedures is set at 150 million prints. The plan will also be included as a priority for planned transport investments for the EU's planning period 2021-2027.

All this implies that while in the current financial cycle of the rural EU, in the future, Budapest may be a development center.

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