Monday , April 12 2021

NL: Not seen 83 years ago – Switzerland can reach the fourth finals

In the Bundesliga Division Division, the Belgians made two goals at home of the Swiss, the home team became the game (5-2) and reached the fourth leg of the National League.

The Belgians lost a two-way deficit, the Swiss were happy at the end (Photo: AFP)

Both teams have come to the scene for Lucerne, but the Belgians can expect a better advantage three points. In the previous clash of the two teams, the Belgians won 2-1 at home, so the Swiss had to win 1-0 or at least two goals to enter the fourth of the League of Nations.

It took about a minute after a huge personal defeat Thurgen Hard He kicked the ball into the right flank (0-1).

In the 17th minute again, the youngest in Mönchengladblach hazard My sister was the heroine; after a great solo he shot in the long corner (0-2). The Belgians can still be confident enough, since last time before 83 years, March 1935, they lost a two-point advantage, they were up to 4-2 defeat in the Dutch national team.

However, the Swiss did not give up and received a dubious penalty enough Ricardo Rodriguez Sold with confidence (1-2).

Five minutes later, Rodriguez was one of the main characters, after Akiri headed the field to the center Hares Spruvitz & # 39; He shot the gate (2.2).

The Swiss did not yield so much, and even before the interval they scored the main goal: Fernandez's flat move His machets are rusty Seferovic So that he could return home in the same way that his goal could be enough to advance (3.2).

The second half continued at a rate similar to that of the former, but this time the Swiss dictated the pace at the start of the round: Spruvitz could have tripled after a jump but missed a great opportunity, and Shakiri could have raised his free kick but fired a shot past the goal. The Swiss club was in the 62nd minute: the first goal was a huge defeat Nico Elvis Headed by Shakiri (4.2).

Game is over Seferovic This third goal completed a hattrick for Mbabu (5.2).

Despite the Belgian attempts, there were no goals until the end of the game, so thanks to the huge translation, the home team can be happy at the end. After Portuguese and English, then The Swiss entered the fourth leg of the League of Nations, Which field will be completed by France or the Netherlands on Monday.

League of Nations

Switzerland, Belgium 5-2 (Rodriguez between 26 and 11, Spruvitz 31, 44, 84, Elvis 62, and Hazzard 2, 17)

End of the group
1. Switzerland 4 3 1 14.5 9 9
2. Belgium 4 3 1 9-6 3 9
3. Iceland 4 4 1-13 -12 0

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