Online data security in the surveys conducted in Hungary on Google commissioned by YouGov Market Research Company. The results show that most Hungarians still do not pay enough attention when using online services (bank, shopping, social media) to protect their passwords and were not ready to protect against phishing.

In a local, online, Google-commissioned study, more than 1,000 adults over the age of 18 participated in the study. The study was conducted through online questionnaires, in which participants were asked to answer five questions.

According to the survey, 33% of Hungarians use different passwords for various online services. 28 percent on some online platforms, 27 percent on most online platforms, and 7 percent on every user interface with the same password.

13% of home users use a strong password, which includes letters (which are not significant words), numbers and symbols. (A good and strong slogan can contain meaningless words, expert opinion is shared, there are fairly serious arguments and understandable words).

The researchers found that 24% of Hungarians are concerned at some level that they break down their password in the online interface they use (4% are very concerned and 20% are quite concerned)

Only 56% of Hungarians use a two-factor identifier for each online service account. Thousands of people who do not use two-factor authentication do not know how to set, while 13% never heard of two-factor verification before the survey and 12% do not believe it makes the account more secure.

What are we doing, Hungarians?

According to Google, in view of the results of the study, the Hungarian population should put more emphasis on using online services to protect their passwords. As part of this, it is better to guess stronger passwords for each account and more.

Sometimes, it is worth giving a recovery phone number as the code sent in sms means more security because it is our physical phone, as opposed to your e-mail account our.

In addition, double-factor authentication is required wherever possible. Since it adds a plus step after entering your username and password so that no one gets access to these data, you will not be able to enter this form of protected space. If you'd like to set this up, you'll find the most useful features for the following links:

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