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Csaba Balogh

Suspend almost all eligibility for Android for Google, he learned from Reuters. In practice, this means that the Chinese manufacturer immediately lose the right not only to release any next version of Android, but will not be available on Huawei phones, such as Play Store, Gmail and Google Maps.

The US government has been trying to weaken Huawei for a long time.So far, most of them wanted to exclude the Chinese company from building 5G networks in many countries including Hungary.So far, little has been said about Huawei's mobile devices, but that they are not officially marketed in the US , But now it seems that the manufacturer seems to be a fatal shot at this front. Reuters On Sunday evening, according to information reported by Google, several important business relationships were suspended by Google.

The American news agency referring to the source close to the case writes

Huawei immediately loses the right to use any version of the Android operating system that has been released, and even smaller upgrades are not available for Huawei phones. Also, the Play Store, but even Gmail, Calendar, and Maps will not be available on devices.

Although Huawei still has the right to use open source parts of the operating system, this is a viable option in this manner. Not many people would buy a phone that does not have the "official" software store on Android, meaning they can not install apps from the Play Store. (Currently, nine of the ten applications on Android devices are downloaded by users.) Also, it's not very realistic that someone wants a mobile that you can not add to Gmail, Google Maps, or other apps.

CEO Richard Rich Hugh CEO of Huawei's top line phone, P30 Pro in March


According to Reuters

The owners of the currently available devices are likely to be immediately affected by the change, but the release of the newer major version of Android is no longer available for them.

US President Donald Trump ordered a state of emergency this week to "protect the American IT networks of foreign enemies." While some companies are not there in the presidential decision, the decision is clearly against Huawei.

Are you ready?

Huawei is very happy to work with the Google platform on smartphones, he said Die WeltRichard Yu, CEO of the company, was interviewed in March but they had to prepare for the possibility that it would not always be so.Then he said that if any situation occurs when the US government makes it impossible for Android to use it ,

They will not hit them unexpectedly, they have a program, they've already made their operating system.

We were looking for Huawie on Sunday night. Related information is expected on Monday.

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Let's work together to keep the facts away from propaganda.

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